Sophia means wisdom.
We find our ‘Sophia’ when we focus inward.
Life’s greatest wisdom is to know oneself.
The more we are changed from within, the more our lives change.

Welcome to Sofia senteret

Wisdom is built on truth. At Sofia senteret, our understanding of truth comes from the body: When we express truth, our body becomes calm. Additionally, truth is always easy to understand. Our body shows us truth through our choices. Choices that strengthen us make us relaxed and open. Choices that weaken us make us closed and resistant to new perspectives. Most of our struggles are created when we act in ways that weaken us. Even though this is often done unconsciously, we are the only ones who can change what is not working in our lives.

The paradox is: We must do it alone, but it cannot be done alone. We must make our own choices on the journey through life, yet we need guides who can support us and normalize the challenges we face along the way. Our services are for those who seek their own inner wisdom. We offer Systemic Conversations, the BalanZe method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, guidance groups, courses, workshops and education.

Our services are for

Principles of the Sophia Centre’s work:

  1. The reactions of the body show us truth. When truth is accepted and acknowledged, the body’s reactions calm down and blockages are resolved.
  2. When we are overwhelmed by life’s events, we automatically split off parts of our experience, such as thoughts and feelings, to handle what is happening. It is these ‘split off’ parts that create imbalance and blockages inside us.
  3. The body contains an internal engine that seeks balance – homeostasis. When our life is calm, such as during time off, vacations or when going to sleep, whatever is out of balance will appear in our consciousness. When we don’t live according to who we truly are, listen to ourselves or take care of ourselves, our body will create symptoms to try to get us to make a change.
  4. We have all the answers we seek within us. The goal of therapy is learning to listen to ourselves, release emotions, resolve triggers and love ourselves. Thus, we can also love our partners, children and others in our lives.
  5. We project what we have inside, in our unconscious, into our everyday lives. Therefore, the subject of Systemic Conversation is the difficulties of daily life. This can take us to the present, the past, our time in the womb, generational trauma and past lives. Only when we accept and acknowledge the things that create blockages inside us, can they be released.
  6. Change can be challenging, because it affects who we are, our identity and our survival strategies. Hence, we need support in these processes. At the centre, we explore who we could be without our problems, and what we might have to let go of before we can heal fully. People often both want and don’t want change. When we can let go of our inner resistance, we can easily implement the changes we wish for.
  7. The soul expresses itself through thought, feeling and action. Sometimes we must change what we think and believe, and other times we must acknowledge and accept that we feel what we feel. Sometimes we must act to show ourselves that we mean what we tell ourselves before we can resolve problems in our lives.

Sofia senteret is run by Hildur Vea, PhD, who has 12 years of college education plus training in several psychotherapies:  Gestalt therapy, Trauma therapy, Constellations (graduate and post-graduate), Somatic Experiencing, Transforming Touch, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Hildur’s specialty and main interest is how to become free from issues when life gets stuck in the body. We only become free from our issues by resolving what causes them.

Hildur worked as a lecturer at a college of nursing and social work for 20 years and has had her own psychotherapy practice at Veavågen on Norway’s southwest coast since 2009. The address of her practice is the Sophia Centre, Bleikmyrvegen 1, 4276 Veavågen, Norway, telephone (+47) 45 66 21 18.


WISDOM is to live a life in truth, coherent with who you are. Wisdom is to listen within, take care of your needs and live your dreams. Wisdom is to meet life as it is.

As human beings, we have access to both thought power and heart power. Thought power is connected to our automatic thoughts. Heart power is connected to our inner wisdom and our inner voice, the part of us that knows truth. All humans have both thought power and heart power. Yet depending on the degree to which these powers have been integrated, we function differently.


HEART POWER is the power that creates wholeness, alchemy and magic. Einstein said, ‘A problem can never be solved with the same mind that created it.’ In other words, problems created by thought power can only be solved by heart power. Heartmath Institute in the USA has measured the ratio between heart power and thought power, using EKG (heart) and EEG (brain/mind) and found that the power of the heart is 60 times stronger than the power of the mind. They also measured the electromagnetic frequencies that radiate from the heart and the brain and found that heart power is 5000 times stronger than the power of the brain; thought power.


ALCHEMY is a physical process, a chemical change in the body. Metaphorically, we say that alchemy can transform lead into gold. In our lives, alchemy happens when we transform long-term troubles into health and a good life. This process gives us a lasting understanding about ourselves and provides deep insight, a wisdom we cannot unlearn. When you know, you cannot pretend that you don’t know.

Examples of alchemy can be:

  • Transforming panic and anxiety into inner peace
  • Transforming total exhaustion into happiness and energy
  • Transforming stress into harmony and freedom
  • Transforming emotions from a painful childhood into resources that can be used
  • Transforming a lack of self-esteem into vigorous inner power
  • Transforming chronic illness into a life in balance

MAGIC cannot be planned – it just happens. Magic is a reward for hard inner work and emerges when you process and release painful emotions. The most common cause of health troubles (including physical ones) is emotional overwhelm, which automatically makes the body suppress emotions. However, suppressed emotions don’t just disappear – they must be transformed. When you release deep emotions and notice that health issues go away, it seems like magic. Yet you create this kind of magic by meeting yourself honestly.


THE SAFE CORE MODEL describes the steps you go through when building a safe core in yourself. We need a safe core to live our own lives. Without it, we feel insecure and hesitant, and we often let others make choices for us. We build a safe core by integrating experiences from our lives.

The safe core model

The safe core model describes the steps we go through to build a safe core inside ourselves. Through this process, we develop both wisdom and heart power. Having a safe core is to have a solid foundation within ourselves, created by our own experience. A safe core is developed by going through these steps repeatedly.

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Here, we define what is out of balance, that which you want to change in yourself. We don’t consider diagnoses, although symptoms can be worked with. Other things you might want to change are relationship problems, patterns, sabotage thoughts or emotions you cannot ‘get rid of’.


We need someone to explore with. Issues that we can solve alone are not true challenges. For change to happen, we must feel safe. Only when we are safe, are we open for our ‘Sophia’ (wisdom) to come through, so that we become open to meet ourselves.

The role of the helper here is to create a space in which the other feels free to be who they are. Any kind of evaluation or guidance will close the very access that we are trying to open to, through which we can meet our emotions, thought patterns and problems as they are. Only when we see what is, can we change it.


Our body responds to truth. When we see and understand something as it is, a change happens.
Something is resolved, chemical change happens in the body, an alchemy.
A blockage is resolved, a split-off part finds its way back to wholeness.
A suppressed emotion can be acknowledged and integrated.

A thought pattern that weakens us is replaced with thoughts that strengthen us. This is alchemy. Alchemy makes us freer and more whole, and it confirms bodily truth for us; our truth about ourselves.


For change to happen, we must practise our new knowledge. The understanding and insight we get through alchemy must be practised. We must replace old patterns with new ones, otherwise we are back to our old ways. Nobody else can do it for us. We must live the insight we get through alchemy.
We must live that which is OUR truth for it to manifest in our lives.


Our safe core consists of the wisdom that has become a part of us by living our truth. Our safe core is about ourselves, our own experiences and our own lives.


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